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The services that Silvia Carrasco Traduções Ltda offer are:

Ø Translation

Ø Proofread

Ø Adaptation (European Portuguese into Brazilian Portuguese only)


Silvia Carrasco Traduções Ltda is able to form special "project teams" for large projects.


This helps ensure that all the translation work is kept at a consistent level; also enabling the translators to focus all their attention on your project.


In practice, it means that we can reserve a special team for any large projects you may have.


We always use different translators for translating and proofreading a particular document.


This helps maintain quality and ensures objectivity.


At Silvia Carrasco Traduções Ltda, a translation job always goes through the following process:

Ø One of our professional translators translates the source text.

Ø The proofreader reviews it, refines it and provides it with an additional level of quality control and the consistency with original document.

Ø Finally, before deployment, every project passes accross a strict technical and linguistic quality assurance testing.


All of our translators and reviews are qualified, experienced and native speakers.


Our in-house translation team has the expertise to translate documents, for the following industries:

Ø Pharmaceutical (Clinical Study, IVRS, Register, Specification, Report)

Ø Medical (Device, Manual, Scientific Article, Procedure, Guide)

Ø Legal (Contract, Resolution, Directive, Law, Patent)

Ø Business (Accounting, Marketing, Sales, News, Ethics)

Ø Finance (Risk, Audit, Credit, Fraud, Statement)

Ø Technical (Standard, Guide, Instruction, Procedure, Manual)

Ø Quality (ISO, Audit, Assurance, Test, Recommendation)


Fulltime, dedicated teams of experienced in-house translators and proofreaders ensure that your company's message is communicated clearly and effectively to your clients.

Silvia Carrasco Traduções Ltda works with state of the art CAT tools such as:

Ø Trados

Ø Wordfast


Ø Déjà-Vu

Ø Fortis


These CAT tools increasing the precision and quality and fast the turnaround time for your translation projects.

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