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Silvia Carrasco Traduções Ltda was founded in 1991.


At that time, we were a group of two qualified translators and have had a small network of freelancers.


Due to the fast growth of Silvia Carrasco Traduções Ltda as well as the huge demand, we were increasing our translator’s and proofreading’s team and the languages universe.


We started translating in several languages and we started having several freelancer translators.


However, the control of this was more expensive and the service’s quality (standardization, consistency, etc) as more complex.

Due to it and thinking in not losing the reputation that we had in the translation market we decided to change our formula.


Today we reduced:

1) The languages universe with which we were working, to:

Ø  English into Brazilian Portuguese

Ø  French into Brazilian Portuguese

Ø  Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese

Ø  Brazilian Portuguese into American English

2) The segments specialization to:

Ø  Pharmaceutical (Clinical Study, IVRS, Register, Specification, Report)

Ø  Medical (Device, Manual, Scientific Article, Procedure, Guide)

Ø  Legal (Contract, Resolution, Directive, Law, Patent)

Ø  Business (Accounting, Marketing, Sales, News, Ethics)

Ø  Finance (Risk, Audit, Credit, Fraud, Statement)

Ø  Technical (Standard, Guide, Instruction, Procedure, Manual)

Ø  Quality (ISO, Audit, Assurance, Test, Recommendation)

3) The work team to:

Ø  Only qualified and experienced in-house translators.


These changes have shown us that our quality and reliability have improved hugely and we become one of best companies in the Brazilian Translation Market.


We have always been aware on how much important the translation of documents and contracts for international companies are.


We know that one single translation error can have serious consequences for our clients (termination of an agreement or even an entire business relationship with a partner, etc).


Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that all translations have high quality and are handled in a professional manner.


This is something that Silvia Carrasco Traduções Ltda has always been able to guarantee to our clients.

Our advantages are:

Ø  Loyalty

Ø  Ethics

Ø  Confidentiality

Ø  Turnaround

Ø  Quality

Ø  Expertise

Ø  Price

Ø  Translation consistency

Ø  In-house translators


These are the basic conditions needed to one translation agency to provide your company with solutions in a wide range of industries.


We go beyond the delivery of the job to our clients, trying to take it a step further by using our above mentioned strengths to give our clients a competitive advantage over their competitors.


We take into consideration the factors that are key for the companies:

Ø  Low cost

Ø  Fast turnaround

Ø  Quality service


Silvia Carrasco Traduções also aims at developing unique partnerships and transparent communication with its clients.


By working closely with its clients and understanding their business objectives, Silvia Carrasco Traduções Ltda is able to give a boost to their expertise and knowledge in the field in question.


Finally, we always want to be honest with our clients and if we cannot meet the exact needs of them, we will tell them because for us, the quality always comes first.

Feel free to contact us (see contact information on the right side).


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